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2 décembre 2007 7 02 /12 /décembre /2007 10:27



I never ask you where i go

After i leave you in the morning

We go our different ways to separate situations

It’s not that easy anymore


Today i do what must be done

I give my time to total strangers

But now it feels as though the day goes on forever

More than it ever did before


Until the night, until the night

I just might make it

Until the night, until the night

When i see you again


Now you’re afraid that we have changed

And i’m afraid we’re getting older

So many broken hearts, so many lonely faces

So many lovers come and gone


I’ll have my fears like every man

You’ll have your tears like every woman

Today we’ll be unsure, is this what we believe in

And wonder how can we go on




When the sun goes down

And the day is over

When the last of the light has gone

As they poor into the street

I will be getting closer

As the cars turn their headlights on

While they’re closing it down

We’re gonna open it up

And while they’re going to sleep

We’ll just be starting to touch

I’m just beginning to feel

I’m just beginning to give

I’m just beginning to feel

I’m just beginning to live

Before i leave you again

Before the light of the dawn

Before this evening can end

I have been waiting so long




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